Witch Slayer Hero Guide | Heroes Of Newerth Witch Slayer Gameplay And Item Guide


Witch Slayer HoNWitch Slayer Hero Guide | Heroes Of Newerth Witch Slayer Gameplay And Item Guide. Another attraction from Heroes Of Newerth is here. Witch Slayer who is undoubtedly the most popular Hero/model in Heroes Of Newerth guide is here. If you are a beginner player and just shifted from Dota-Allstars you can easily follow this guide and move forward to the better gaming. Witch Slayer is a range hero and the amongst the best heroes in the battle. So enjoy the Witch Slayer guide and keep visiting here to check the latest updates.

Witch Slayer :-
No city is more pious in its worship of Sol than Arasunia, and no man is more fervent among its zealous citizens that the Witch Slayer. Although he is viewed with uncertainty by the Beast shamans and human sorcerers in the Legion, his combat prowess and holy powers make him a mighty ally. Wielding a musket and a  bladed icon of Sol, he not only can hold his own in battle, but also can sap his enemy’s strength and turn any ground into sacred territory.

Basic Stats:

Attack Hero Type=Ranged
Attack Damage Total=42-48
Attack Range Total =600

Movement speed: 290
Turnrate: 320
Armor: 1.10
MagicArmor: 5.5

Strength: 16
Agility: 15
Intelligence: 22

Strength per level: 1.7
Agility per level: 1.5
Intelligence per level: 3



Most at home on holy ground, the Witch Slayer creates
a temporary Graveyard in front of himself. Enemy units
caught in its creation suffer the consequences.

Level 1 : Deals 60 Magic damage and stuns all enemies in a line for 1 second
Level 2 : Deals 130 Magic damage and stuns all enemies in a line for 1.5 second
Level 3 : Deals 200 Magic damage and stuns all enemies in a line for 2 second
Level 4 : Deals 260 Magic damage and stuns all enemies in a line for 2.5 second
Mana cost 100/120/145/170
Cooldown 12 seconds

D2Junior’s Tip: Always use this whenever you can, this can be a deadly weapon if used well.
When you and your team is fighting the other team always try to stun before and fight and then
engage. This will give you the lead before you even started.


The Witch Slayer has mastered the use of the gem socketed
into his glove, letting him shrink and render an enemy useless
for a short time.

Level 1 : Applies Miniaturization to the target for 1.25 seconds.
Level 2 : Applies Miniaturization to the target for 2 seconds.
Level 3 : Applies Miniaturization to the target for 2.75 seconds.
Level 4 : Applies Miniaturization to the target for 3.5 seconds.
Mana cost 110/140/170/200
Cooldown 13 seconds

Miniaturization effects
1. Silenced
2. Perplexed
3. Disarmed
4. Shrinkage

Skill Tips: This is a very good skill to use when you have low life and you are being chased. Simply turn around and use Miniaturization. He wont be able to use any skills or attack you allowing you run away in ease. Even if he somehow manages to catch up to you again use Graveyard.

Power Drain

Over the years the Witch Slayer has learned how to drain
the power of his enemies for his own use.

Level 1 : Drains 20 mana per second from target for 4 seconds.
Level 2 : Drains 40 mana per second from target for 4 seconds.
Level 3 : Drains 60 mana per second from target for 4 seconds.
Level 4 : Drains 100 mana per second from target for 4 seconds.
Mana cost 10
Cooldown 25/20/15/10 seconds
Channeling time 4 seconds

Skill Tips : Never use this when fighting a big battle with your team. A good time to use this skill is when you farming or killing creeps. Using this skill against a hero wont do much to help you when it is 1v1, because of the channeling time. But very good in the beginning, because then you dont have to keep buying mana potions and other.

Silver Bullet

With no other option left, the Witch Slayer fires a Silver Bullet
from his gun at the target enemy. The impact usually leaves them
in many small pieces.

Level 1 : Deals 500 Magic damage to target.
Level 2 : Deals 650 Magic damage to target.
Level 3 : Deals 850 Magic damage to target.
Mana Cost 200/420/650
Cooldown 150/90/55 seconds

Can also be boosted by Staff of Master

D2Junior’s Tip: This is a really strong skill and should be used as often as you can. It does a ton of dmg to the enemy hero in a split second. A good combo with his good be using Graveyard and then Silver Bullet. with Silver Bullet maxed out, without the Staff Of Master, and Graveyard maxed out it you will be able to deal 1110 damage to your enemy, this will be able to kill your enemy in 1 combo early in the game, unless they are a tanker.

Skill Build:
2.Power Drain
6.Silver Bullet
10.Power Drain
11.Silver Bullet
13.Power Drain
14.Power Drain
16.Silver Bullet

Item Build:

Early Game:

Mid Game:

Late Game:

Reasons for Items:
Runes of Blight- Heals you early in the game, cheap, able to used 3 times, allows you to stay in the battle instead of wasting time Great Arcana- Damage, Attack speed, and good Mana Regen Fortified Bracelet- Strength/Life to help you survive and stay in the battle Ghost Marchers- allows to escape well and chase after enemies when they are running away with low health Hellflower- Great damage, great attack speed, awesome mana regen and can silence enemies ( upon activation) Staff of Master- Good +stats, makes your ultimate do more damage (about 300 damage), and +health and mana Restoration Stone- Mana Regen, Health Regen, +40 damage, and restores all your skills cooldown to 0 seconds.. which is good because then you can use your graveyard and silver bullet combo twice – 2200 dmg Assasin’s Shroud- +Damage, +Attack speed, lets you go invis for 9 seconds (good for running away) All in All – Lots of extra damage, lots of extra attack speed, boosts ultimate, survival


Early Game:
Early in the game you want to farm exp and gold. For Witch Slayer i would prefer you go to mid lane and get your exp fast. Stay back, deny, and try to kill as many creeps as you can without taking damage. Be aggressive and constantly harass your enemy. At level 6 you will want to get enough mana to use Graveyard and Silver Bullet. When you see your enemy’s HP bar at the color of yellow you will want to use the GraveYard and Silver Bullet combo. Most likely he will be killed and you will be able to farm more easily or go help your teammates gank.

Mid Game:
Around this time you everyone’s a pretty high level ( around 10-17) Your combo is still pretty strong, but you still dont want to go alone. Try pushing mid lane with your team, but stay back. Witch Slayer is an intelligence based hero and doesn’t have a lot of life. Let your teams tanker go in-front use Graveyard and Miniaturization.If you want the kill use your ultimate when your enemy has low health, but not too low like 100 health.(This would be a waste of a great ultimate.

Late Game:

Around this part of game everyone will be around levels 20-25. Running around alone would be almost the most noobish thing anyone would do at this point. Always stick together because you still do a lot of damage, but it would only make your enemy’s health under 50% with your combo. Stay back with your team and stun. You do a lot of damage but you are still the supporter. Stun enemies chasing your teammates and try to finish them off.


The credits of this guide goes to AlexanderTheGreat’s. So guys keep visiting Hon-Utilities and check the latest updates.


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  • i never tried WS with shroud or restoration.is that even worth?hellflower’s nice.my friend owned the game without shroud or restoration.2 times ulti is nice.but with SotM,i think you don’t need restoration.

  • What a fail build :s WS is a supporter, only take him mid to counter specific heroes. Get him with a carry in shortlane and babysit his ass off, or get a kill lane with a melee stunner, like Hammerstorm og Pestilence. One of the best heroes to have in a trilane aswell. For items, get Striders and a homecomming stone, and you’re set. Rest of your gold should go for wards/courier and ofc, upgrade that courier with your first 200g :s

    Belive me, that’s how you play him.

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