Pyromancer Hero Guide | HoN Pyromancer Items and Gameplay Guide


Pyromancer Hero Guide | HoN Pyromancer Items and Gameplay
Guide. Are you new in the world of Heros of Newerth and learning how to play. Then you are at the correct place now you can learn how to play with Heroes Of Newerth one of the most famous hero Pyromancer. The Pyromancer Item and game play guide is given below and you can also more guide here.

Great laner
High damage
AoE spells
Strong Early-Mid game
Low item dependence

Can be tough to land Stuns vs good player
Weak in late games
Also have low strength gain
Ward Hoe
Easily killed and mostly targeted first because of low hp

Spell Details

For those who like words:

1 – Dragonfire
2 – Phoenix Wave
3 – Phoenix Wave
4 – Dragonfire
5 – Fervor
6 – Blazing Strike
7 – Dragonfire
8 – Dragonfire
9 – Phoenix Wave
10 – Phoenix Wave
11 – Blazing Strike
12 – Fervor
13 – Fervor
14 – Fervor
15- Stats
16 – Blazing Strike
17-25 – Stats


Pyromancer Basic role

Pyromancer is a great laning partner and should never go mid. You should never go mid because you’re not a carry and are fragile when soloing a lane. Building your pyromancer as a support/ganker is your best bet. Warding, courier, sheepstick all support your team immensely.

Yes you can go mid, yes you can do it well vs’ing certain hero’s but I guarantee that laning is putting your hero to better use. AoE stuns and damage make using pyromancer to his maximum effectiveness only possible while against 2+ players.

Why cant Pyromancer used as a:Carry

Putting your teams eggs into a pyromancer carry basket is not a good option. If you’re banking on Pyro being a late game carry then think again his moves scale ridiculously bad into mid – late game. This leaves early game, Most likely there will be a more viable mid hero in every situation, If not then you need to re-evaluated your team picks. This is because your abilities are AoE and are able to hit multiple targets maximizing his use.

Don’t Use Pyromancer as a Tank.

Pyromancer as:

Support – This is what you should build your pyro as and this guide show how to do it effectivly.

nuker/roamer – once you hit 6 you can shift to other lane’s to help get ganks with 3 on 2’s. The cool down on your ulti will limit your solo nuking abilities, but will turn your 3 v 2’s into 3 v 1’s fairly quick. Your best strategy is to jump from your side lane into mid to get a gank and keep there carry down. Then return to your lane.


Starting items:
Courier or wards (200g)
3x minor totems (159g)
1x mana potion (50g)
1x hp potion (100g)
1x runes of blight (90g)
Total = 599g

These items will give your team the support it needs early game and give you the stats and Regen longevity to be a strong force well into the laning process. The totems also build into a power supply later on. A mana battery (210g) can be picked up from the outpost and the recipe can be brought via courier.

Avg. Usage Statistics: Gold per min: 179 As you can see you wont be getting that much gold intake during your time as pyromancer. Honestly most games you wont even make it past the manatube in your sheepstick build but this is what makes the pyromancer such good support. You’ll notice that beyond this phase of the game you wont really need anything else and keeping up wards should be your main focus.

Items are built piece by piece in the picture above save for recipes. They are built in the most efficient and effective way for maximum potential. Pyromancer is not an item dependant hero and therefore you should be buying WARDS for your team throughout the game. The item build is not strict; you can feel free to
throw in a bracer or portal key if you are farming well.

With the Nerf to power supply its value has dropped dramatically and its best to just pick up the mana battery for you’re early lanning phase or not at all. however if you think you need a bracer and don’t have this already, then this item is always better.
Always carry a Homecoming stone and always refresh your wards. Steamboots are set on INT until you get mana tube then they turn to STR, this stage in the game you will need more survivability and your regen will now allow you to use abilities almost every creep wave. Kuldra’s sheepstick gives you excellent control can help set up ganks and stuns for yourself as well as stopping channelling spells instantly. Fortified bracer’s are a good way to gain some extra survivability if you are farming well. Getting portal key will also add a good amount of survivability and extra ganking power but its probably best to get a manatube and then go for portal key so you can sustain your mana in long fights and while roaming.

-2150g——————- 5675g ——————– 5500g
Build you behemoths hearth next, it drastically improves your survivability and lets you keep up with the pace of the game. Anything that gives you more time to support your team and less time between cooldowns at the same time makes it an extremely good item.

Cool downs with Behemoths Heart:
Phoenix Wave : 7.65sec
Dragonfire : 8.5sec
Blazing Strike : 46.75sec

– 6100g ——————– 5100g ——————– 2800g
Harkons blade reduces opponents magic armour by 5 making your attacks that more potent. Frostwolf skull gives you even more survivability and a 30% slow. However if you are in a close/really late game somehow you may want to pick up stormspirit for even more control through cyclone etc.

Alternative build

Items to Avoid

Getting codex in my opinion is not a good option.

-Firstly it cost a lot when you consider all the upgrades you will have to do. If you dont plan on upgrading it then there’s no point in getting it anyway.

-Second, It has a high mana cost on top of you already high mana ulti. codex is really only effective in the really early game and on top of harassing in your lane you don’t have the mana.

– Your ulti does more damage. (yes codex has a lower cooldown but again YOU DONT HAVE THE MANA).

-2850 for a kill MAYBE every 3 mins isn’t worth it on top of your essential build order.

-Total cost 8250g

Staff of The Master: an example of what it does.

These numbers dont even count in and magic armor that an opponent may have. eg. shaman’s headdress.

It results in a extra 150 hp dmg for 4300gold. you’d get better survivability from a portal key for half the price.


Phoenix Wave Pyromancer sends forth a phoenix that damages enemies in a line.
ActionTarget Position
TypeEnemy Units
Type: Magic
Range: 700 Cast
Time: 1.4 Seconds
Mana Cost: 90 / 105 / 125 / 140
Cooldown: 9.0 Seconds
Required Level: 1 / 3 / 5 / 7 Activation Deals 100 / 170 / 230 / 280 Magic damage to each target in a line.

Sending this bad boy flying towards your opponents can deal a ton of damage on multiple targets. The range is 100 units more than your auto attack range so it’s sometimes better to fire off your Phoenix wave when an enemy is one auto attack away from death than it is to chase him down. Use your judgement to determine when to hold em and when to fold em.

Scaling: early laning phase its probably best to wait till level 3 (lvl 2 phoenix wave) to start harassing with it. That extra bit of dmg all counts and the time between level 2 and 3 is relatively small. By level 10 (lvl 4 phoenix wave) you will have no problem tackling most creeps with a dragonfire/phoenix wave combo in several seconds so look to head out and pick up some extra farm in your jungle if your carry is busy else where.

Notice the ‘V’ Shaped damage zone show in the picture above. The damage vector will spread from around 50 units starting at you hero and finish off at a width of 200 units before it reaches its max. range of 700 units.

Laning and Team fights

Your best partners are ones with stuns/lockdowns and high survivability. These heroes mostly come from the strength category can make landing your stun an easy job. Hammerstorm or magmus paired up with you easily make one of the strongest lanes in the game and bloodlust is a sure thing with well timed stun combo’s aswell as many other combo’s.

Other than being STR heroes these heroes also have common spells. All of the stuns/slow are relatively easy to perform and can hit more than one target. This makes a double kill a large possibility if you and your laning partner have good co-ordination .

When laning against a stealth Hero it’s a good idea to pick up or send down some wards of revelation, lane control for 12 mins and 200 gold is defiantly worth it.

Harassing: This is where I believe the pyro shines in a lane. The ability to hit both hero’s at once with a well placed phoenix wave will make lane dominance no problem. Make sure you hit both heros each time you shoot this out to make it worth it. Even when you’re not going for a gank its will keep them back, at low HP and very annoyed at not being able to do anything.

Team fights are a bit tricky for pyromancer because he will almost always be first target due to him dying so fast. Wait until your team initiates to come in. Drop you stun to stop a channel or pin down as many as you can. Phoenix wave as many as you can an then proceed to blazing strike your teams main target down if he’s not dead yet. Kuldra’s sheepstick should be used to control their most devastating hero, for example plague rider, tempest, magmus etc. The sheepstick is devastating to any channelling hero such as a succubus, voodoo jester or tempest.

Who to Watch out For

These guys are the int killers.

Magebane is obvious with his manaburn and his ulti against pyromancers high int gain, as well as his magic armor.

Vindicator is the best combo breaker in the game and will mess you up while rolling cooldowns and has a strong mana burn.

Witch Slayer is your parallel, much like pyromancer he is able to destroy other int hero’s with his high damage abilities.

Predator’s charge/ slow and immunities gives him an immense advantage over you and many other hero’s.

Armadon will eat up your dmg like no one else. Be very weary of this hero while laning against him and in late game. Geting caught in his slow/ quill spam could spell the end for you.

Chronos also has tank like features. There’s nothing worse than watching your ulti fly towards him and see it do no dmg at all. This is Chronos’ rewind ability at work.

We hope you enjoy this guide. So guys full credit to Supfresh by creating this guide. Havefun and never forget to comeback here to check the latest updates.


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  • thanks for your advise, now i know why i dead so fast, because i being using it as a tank.

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    thanks for your advise, now I know why i dead so fast, because i being using him as a late-game carry

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