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Pharaoh HoN Guide | HoN Pharaoh Item, Gameplay & Strategy Guide. Heroes Of Newerth Pharaoh guide is here. Pharaoh is a hero melee strength hero. Pharaoh is one of the successful models in the HoN. But players are  unable to use it as most of the other characters because it has resemblance with Clockwerk Goblin in Dota . So enjoy Pharaoh Hero Guide.

Hell Fire

Wall Of Mummies

Tormented Soul

Wrath Of Pharaoh

Skill Build

1 – Tormented Soul
2 – Hellfire
3 – Hellfire
4 – Tormented Soul/Wall of Mummies
5 – Hellfire
6 – Wrath of the Pharaoh
7 – Hellfire
8 – Tormented Soul
9 – Tormented Soul
10 – Wall of Mummies/Tormented Soul
11 – Wrath of the Pharaoh
12 – Wall of Mummies
13 – Wall of Mummies
14 – Wall of Mummies
15 – Stats
16 – Wrath of the Pharaoh


Item Build

Early and Core Items

Initial Build Cost:
Runes of Blight – 90
Health Potion – 100
Logger’s Hatchet – 225
Minor Totem x 3 – 159 (53 x 3)
— — — — —
Total – 574 gold

Ideally this should be your starting gear. The Runes and Potion will keep you in good health – just remember that potions will dispell upon taking damage, but the runes will not. The Logger’s Hatchet will increase your farming potential greatly, and is a key item for any high-farming melee hero. The Minor Totems are to give you some early stats and also to eventually make into a Power Supply. Note that if none of your teammates are willing to share/buy a Monkey Courier (200), it is highly recommended that you exchange the Logger’s Hatchet for a Courier and pick a Hatchet up later if needed.

Once farming commences you should be aiming to get to this stage:

Core Build Cost:
Enhanced Marchers – 1550 (500 + 500 + 500)
Bottle – 600
Shaman’s Headdress – 2350 (375 + 375 + 650 + 950)
Power Supply – 225 (200 + 125 + Totems listed above)
Homecoming Stones – 135
— — — — —
Total – 4725 gold + Homecoming Stones

Mana Battery should be the first thing you buy from the Outpost as it will allow you to remain in lane for much longer without having to burn through your Runes and Potions too quickly. Not only this, but it will literally be a Mana Battery, giving you all the Mana you could need from it’s charges. Remember though that this item does not give you an endless supply and as such prudent use of your Mana is still necessary. After this, Bottle and Power Supply should be the first things you get from your Courier. It is a fantastic way to keep your health up as well as topping up your Mana if you need one more Tormented Soul or Hellfire. It will keep you laning for longer and keep you alive as well. Don’t hesitate to go off now and again to try to get one of the Runes which spawn in the river. From here it is wise to get either Helm of the Victim as it gives you nice HP regen and a decent boost to your armour or Glowstone for a cost efficient HP and Mana boost. From there it is prudent to start making Enhanced Marchers if you have not already, for they will not only give you a nice boost to damage, but most importantly allow you to phase through creep waves to get to your enemies or low-hp creeps in tricky places – an absolute must. Shaman’s Headdress is completed next as it holds almost universal application, given that almost every hero will have at least some form of a nuke – especially with the prominence of heroes like Defiler and Thunderbringer. The Power Supply will give you a nice +3 to all stats as well as increasing the charge-capacity, allowing for further Mana/HP regen throughout the mid-game, keeping you a bigger threat even if you are unable to get hold of enough runes.

**It should be noted that a Helm of the Black Legion can replace the Shaman’s Headdress, but given the current metagame of HoN, it is unlikely that you’ll find physical damage as much of a threat as magic damage. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning it here.**

Late and Luxury Items

Ok, the first item you should be aiming for is generally…

Barrier Idol Cost:
Shaman’s Headdress (listed above) – 2350
Refreshing Ornament – 603 (53 + 350 + 200)
Recipe – 1000
— — — — —
Total – 3953 gold

Barrier Idol is an absolutely beautiful item not just for you but the whole team. In a team fight, you can almost be assured that it will give your whole team an extra 400 health (300 hero health given that the barrier itself has no magic armour) as it is unlikely that there will be a single hero that does not take 400 damage of nukes during a fight. This is therefore a massive boost to the team which can be applied every fifty seconds. Be aware, though, that the barrier will only last eight seconds and as such do not pop it too early or you will lose all the benefits of it.

Another potent item one should consider is Staff of the Master. This item not only gives you a nice boost to you stats, health and mana pool, but it also gives your ulti a 20 second cooldown, meaning that it turns into a very nice nuke for 150 mana.

**It should be noted that Staff of the Master is a far better item to get if you feel that the opposing team are lacking in heavy-nukers and as such are unable to prevent your combo or initiation.**

Staff of the Master Cost:
Glowstone – 1200
Neophyte’s Book – 1000
Mighty Blade – 1000
Recipe – 1100
— — — — —
Total – 4300 gold

From here, the next big Luxury item is the wonder which is…

Frostfield Plate Cost:
Platemail – 1400
Acolyte’s Staff – 2700
Recipe – 600
— — — — —
Total – 4700 gold

Frostfield Plate not only adds another nuke to your impressive arsenal, but it also gives a worryingly powerful slow which can be used after jumping into a fight with Wrath.

If a game ever goes to the point where you are able to get all the above three, the game will most likely be very close to ending. However, there is always room for…

Behemoth’s Heart Cost:
Axe of the Malphai – 3200
Beast Heart – 1100
Recipe – 1200
— — — — —
Total – 5500 gold

Behemoth’s Heart will make you nigh-on invincible – providing you with a 950 HP bonus and an incredible HP regen to boot. The icing on the embalmed and wrapped cake that is the Pharaoh.

Situational Items

Now this is where things may get a bit weird, but bear with me, for these have had great potential in my experience.

The first of this sideshow is none other than…

Puzzlebox Cost:
Neophytes Book – 1000
Bolstering Armband – 450
Recipe – 1300/2600/3900
— — — — —
Total – 2750/4050/5350 gold

This is a fantastic item to get after completing the Core Build if you find that you are having trouble with people like Night Hound or Scout. Simply Wrath into one of them, pop the Wall of Mummies, then Hellfire and then this little bad boy and they will be at your mercy. The damage from the Puzzlebox creeps will do wonders for your DPS as well as a nifty mana burn and true sight at level three. The boost to your Intelligence and Strength are a welcome addition to the inventory as well.

Now if you find yourself with a particularly wonderful farm (~3-4 kills per minute with no more than three or four deaths) then your best friend will be…

Mock of Brilliance Cost:
Sword of the High – 3800
Reciple – 1350
— — — — —
Total – 5150 gold

Mock of Brilliance makes you even more of a threat to the enemy, as well as providing you with a fantastic farming implement. The AoE burn and bonus damage will see you netting kill after kill both from creeps and heroes. An absolute must if you are farming well.

Now, if you are struggling against an opposing carry hero, then I recommend…

Totem of Kuldra Cost:
Acolytes Staff – 2700
Blessed Orb – 2100
Manatube – 875
— — — — —
Total – 5675 gold

The Totem of Kuldra allows for you to disable an enemy carry for three and a half seconds, allowing the rest of your team to focus him down. Not only that, but it will solve any mana problems you may have for the rest of the game. An extra 10 to strength helps bring you even higher up the HP scale as well.

The final item in this lineup comes as…

Barbed Armor Cost:
Broadsword – 1675
Ringmail – 550
Apprentice’s Robe – 450
Recipe – 500
— — — — —
Total – 2700 gold

After much deliberation and discussion, I will admit that Barbed Armor is indeed now a viable item. I will, however, note that it is equally viable on almost any hero. Nevertheless, I would heartily suggest not taking this too early and should only be taken if you are being focused down hard. Good lineups to take this against are ones which rely heavily on burst damage, such as Pyromancer, Soul Reaper, Witch Slayer or Thunderbringer.



In most situations as Pharaoh, you will find yourself laning in one of the two sidelanes. Ideally you should be in your Short lane as a melee hero who needs a decent farm – this will help you to farm by keeping you close to your tower. In your lane you should be partnered with a ranged hero (preferably support) and should take up the role as the primary farmer, and as such last-hitting is vital. Generally you should be able to keep up a steady farm only by using your normal attack. If the case presents itself where there is a creep on low health which you don’t think you will be able to get, it is entirely acceptable to use Tormented Soul to take it. In the early game, you should not concentrate on ganking outside of your lane, but if anyone wishes to come and gank your lane then you will be more than able to help get the kill. By activating Hellfire and running towards the enemy, their general reaction will be to fall back away from the creep wave. Unfortunately for them, this creates the ideal situation for Hellfire to approach its full damage potential. Effective attack-moving here is vital to ensure that you can hit the enemy and immediately continue chasing forward to keep them in range of the Hellfire. Be sure to use Tormented Soul here when possible to drop their health even more quickly. If you manage to do this effectively then you should be able to pick up one or two early kills without too much trouble (provided you have decent backup from teammates!).

At the early stage, your first goal should be to farm up for the Bottle, followed swiftly by Helm of the Victim. Once you have these two items, you will find that you rarely have to return to the fountain for health and can be less frugal with your mana. Remember that although your spells are cheap, they are not free! Use them wisely and do not spam them when unnecessary. As the game progresses towards the ten-minute mark and beyond, you should be at least well on your way to completing the Enhanced Marchers if not already finished with them. From here, finishing off the Shaman’s Headdress will be of paramount importance to your survival against multiple level four nukes. By the time you have reached the levels 9-11 you should be finished with your Core Build and should be prepared to start helping the team in a much more active manner.


Here’s where things get much more fun. With Wrath of the Pharaoh, you are able to initiate a gank from a tremendous distance. If you intend to use this ulti to get stuck in, there a few things you should bear in mind: Firstly, ensure that you have a clear line of attack to your enemy. The ‘hook’ will not travel through allied units and heroes and will not drag you in if you miss. Secondly, you should remember that the spell travels at a very fast speed, meaning that you do not need to judge the movement of the enemy too greatly as one would for Valkyrie’s Javelin or Devourer’s Hook. Finally, bear in mind that there is a 200 area of effect on the stun and damage, thus, you do not always need to hit the target if he is standing amongst a creep-wave as hitting any of the creeps will generally affect him as well. Once you have charged in, immediately activate Hellfire followed by Enhanced Marchers. This will keep you moving at a high speed for six seconds whilst your Hellfire damages the enemy. Furthermore, the ability to ‘Phase’ through the enemy will make it much easier to effectively get off your Wall of Mummies. Remember that you will have to be standing very close indeed to the enemy to effectively trap them in the Wall – patience is the key!

It is prudent to note that although you are a powerful ganker, you should not focus solely on this role. When possible, you should continue your farm in order to keep your late-game potential alive. If there are no enemies in vulnerable and easily accessible positions, then you should feel free to continue farming to get to your higher-tier items such as Shrunken Head, Frostfield Plate or ideally Mock of Brilliance.


Here is where the uniqueness of Pharaoh really shines through. If you are able to get a Mock of Brilliance, then you have already turned yourself into a one-man pushing machine simply through the AoE damage. Thus, with teammates available to aid the push, lanes should be withering under your combined efforts. However, this is not where your role ends. It is a little-disputed fact that an enemy will have a much harder time defending on multiple fronts. With your Tormented Soul, it is advised that you should use it to hit other lanes than the one you are currently pushing. The 200 damage across the entire wave will put the odds strongly in your creeps’s favour. With a 15 second cooldown, you will be able to throw out a Soul frequently enough to not only keep all lanes pushed, but you should also be able to pick up several creep kills with this method.

But what if you do not wish to take the base-towers and instead simply want a single one? This is where the Tormented Soul can become a little more tricky. It is important to ensure that you do not push into a trap where your team will simply be wiped. Thus, when pushing a single lane you should generally use the Tormented Soul to scout out the surrounding area, rather than the creep wave. However, there is a method which can become very effective if used accurately. If you notice, the creep waves at top will mirror the opposing creep waves at bottom. Thus, for example, when you see your creeps at top reaching the first tower, you know that the opposing creeps at bottom will be at the first tower. Use this to your advantage! What you are trying to do here is to let off a Tormented Soul which will hit the creep-wave before it reaches the fight. This is doubly useful as not only does it damage and weaken the creep wave, but it will also reveal the area over which the Soul passes; pushing the lane and looking for defenders around the tower at the same time!

We hope you enjoyed Pharaoh guide and learn somethings of it. We also thanks dune for making this guide. If you have any suggestions or better guide of Pharaoh don’t hesitate and post your guide in the comments section. Keep visiting here and check the latest updates of your favorite game Heroes Of Newerth.


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