Pebbles Guide | Heroes of Newerth Pebbles Items and Gameplay Guide

Pebbles Guide | Heroes of Newerth Pebbles Hero Items and Gameplay Guide.  Hey fans and lovers of Heroes Of Newerth Pebbles Hero and Item guide is here.  If you are a Dota-Allstar player and just shifted to HoN and also wanted to know who is Pebbles. So the answer is Pebbles is similar to Tiny (Stone Giant) in Dota Allstars. Its 3rd skill is changed but all the remaining skills are like Dota. So enjoy playing with Pebbles.

Str 24+3
Agi 9+.9
Int 14+1.6

Welcome to the worst starting stats in the game. No, I really mean it. These stats are horrible. I mean, really, really horrible. At least Glacius has range, this guy has nothing. Str gain is high, with Int being just below average. So his important stats eventually reach reasonable levels.

The elemental creatures of Newerth have long kept away from mortal struggles, seeking instead to heal the destruction left in their wake. In the current war, however, some elementals have taken up arms against the daemons, and the huge and implacable Pebbles is one of them.


Pebbles is a ganker. There’s nothing else he can do with his skillset. He is sub-par tank and a poor physical DPSer. He is the ultimate one-hit-wonder, with two spells that can be used singly or together for fantastic results, after which he runs like a sissy girl until his spells are back up. Don’t let his main stat fool you: Pebbles is a caster.

That said, there are few heroes that can wreck a lineup in the ganking phase like Pebbles. With just a few simple items and minimal experience he can end any hero he wants whenever he feels like it. Pebbles can win most any 1v1 “fight in the woods” scenario early game. However, for maximum results, play Pebbles with allies who can take advantage of your skillset.

He is a perfect port of Tiny, from DotA. Every number and aesthetic choice is exactly the same as his DotA counterpart.

Pros and Cons


  • Two AoE nukes/disables for laning, ganking, and team destroying.
  • One of the best gankers, roamers, and, “omg Pebbs why u go for me every time”, heroes.
  • Looks and sounds like AHHNOLD!


  • Horrible stats
  • Starved for mana
  • Needs a few key items to get rolling
  • Scales poorly late game
  • Spends much of his time waiting on cooldowns



Pebbles summons forth an eruption of stalagmites at a target location, stunning and damaging all enemies in the area.
Target ground
Enemy units
Magic damage
AoE: 200
Range: 600 *Gains 50 range per level of Enlarge
Mana cost: 120
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Deals 100/180/260/300 Magic damage and stuns each target in radius for 2 seconds.

A fairly standard stun with a twist. As a stun it’s fairly good, comparable to similar ranged AoE stuns. Often you will want to combo this with Chuck whenever you can, as it deals double damage to an enemy in the air while it hits.


Pebbles throws a nearby unit to target location, damaging it and all enemies in an area around where it lands.

Target Unit
All units
Magic damage
AoE: 300
Range: 500/700/900/1100
Mana Cost: 120
Cooldown: 10
Deals 75/150/225/300 Magic damage to enemy units in radius. Buildings receive 33% damage. Deals 15/30/45/60 Magic damage to thrown unit.

A powerful and versatile ability that can be very hard to use effectively. It’s cooldown is half that of Stalagmites, so in addition to comboing it with Stalagmites half the time, you will often want to use this skill on it’s own half the time.

Slab Skin

Grants bonus armor and reduces the duration of debuffs.

+2/4/6/8 Armor. Reduces debuff duration by 10/20/30/40%.

A passive ability that would be quite useful early if it wasn’t outclassed by his other two, and mid-late gives us a decent amount of extra survivability.


Makes Pebbles grow larger, increasing attack damage, move speed, adding to the power of his other skills, yet greatly slowing his attack speed.


  • +5/10/15 Movement Speed
  • -20/35/50 Attack Speed
  • +40/80/120 Base Damage

Increases Stalagmites range by 50/100/150. Increases damage dealt to enemy chucked units from 20% to 35/50/60%

A very nice passive ultimate increasing skills and stats. This skill makes his combo even stronger, especially when combined with powerful (but slow!) auto-attacks before and after.

Skill Build

Level 1. Stalagmites
Level 2. Chuck
Level 3. Stalagmites
Level 4. Chuck
Level 5. Stalagmites
Level 6. Chuck
Level 7. Stalagmites
Level 8. Chuck
Level 9. Grow
Level 10. Slab Skin
Level 11. Grow
Level 12. Slab Skin
Level 13. Slab Skin
Level 14. Slab Skin
Level 15. Stats
Level 16. Grow
Level 17-25. Stats

Stalagmites and Chuck are nukes and disables, so max them both. Grow is taken after the two are maxed, and Slab Skin is slightly better than stats. Could say more, but it’s not like there’s any other way to build him.


Initial Items

Pebbles needs two things when he goes to his lane: +4 int and regen. The reason you need the int when going to you lane is that at level 2 you’ll have both nukes. You need 240 mana to combo them. Pebbles needs +4 int to have 240 mana at level 2. If you don’t have mana for both nukes you will probably lose your lane.

You can go about getting that int any way you’d like, but here’s how I spend my 603 gold:

x6 x2

Pretender’s Crown – 185
2x Minor Totem – 106
6x Runes of the Blight – 180
2x Mana Potion – 100
Total – 571

Now then, this is where it gets tricky. Pebbles has quite a few issues that have to be solved with items. He needs reliable mana and mana regen, he needs mobility, and he needs armor. He could also use attack speed. Fortunately, there are a few items that cover these needs quite well.

Items with * are essential, others can be passed on. For example, if you have enough for Ring of Sorcery before you even leave your lane, having a bottle is much less important.
*Marchers – 500 – Upgrades come later.

Bottle – 600 – Pebble’s role as a ganker and roamer makes bottle a good choice for both holding on to good runes and a limited source of regen.

Power Supply – 519 – You can turn your early game totems into this for some clutch burst regen.

*Nome’s Wisdom – 2300 – Both this item and the following were quite possibly made with the intention of making Pebbles an excellent pick. It gives him both armor and mana total/regen, in addition to granting limited health regen and some team support.

OR (do not get both RoS and Nome’s)

*Ring of Sorcery- 1700 – You’ll want to grab either this or the previous Nome’s as soon as you possibly can. It brings Pebble’s armor up to a reasonable amount, while allowing him to use his spells more than once each before returning to town.

*Portal Key – 2150 – As soon as you have boots and mana regen covered, you save for this. It dramatically increases Pebble’s ability to combo his enemies, as he no longer needs to use Stalagmites to get into Chuck range or use fog 90% of the time.

Wards of Sight – 200 – If noone else is getting wards, you might want to. Extra useful if you either are farming a lane for portal key or are rune whoring to gank.

*Teleport Stone – 135 – Useful and cheap.

Steamboots – 1450 – IMO the best boots for Pebbles. Make them int and between these and bottle you should have enough mana for the early game.

Post Haste – 2200 – Luxury, for those of you who opt to grab Nome’s/Ring of Sorcery for mana before Blink instead of Int Steamboots.

The items in Pebble’s core can be picked up in any order, usually depending on how well you farm. Here are three examples I commonly use.

Route 1

Start with your initiation items. Buy a Mana Battery from outpost, and get a courier to fly a Bottle to you. Build Steamboots and save for your Portal Key. After Pkey, build a Nomes.

This build provides easy buildup and reliable mana regen, but delays your portal key for a while.

Route 2

Start with your initiation items. Buy a Pickled Brain from the Outpost. Finish Ring of Sorcery, and save for your Portal Key. Pick up Marchers when you need them.

Route 3

Start with your initiation items. Get a courier to fly a Bottle to you. Save for Portal Key.

This build is only suggested if you solo mid and farm extremely well.



There are two paths you can follow as far as mana goes.

The first is to get a Bottle and Int Steamboots to cover your mana needs until Portal Key. This build gives you easy buildup and good ganking power, although it does set you back a bit in farm, as you’ll still need a mana item after Pkey.

The second, slower, build is to skip Bottle and Steamboots and build a Ring of Sorcery or Nome’s initially. This build gives you the advantage of a powerful mana item and gets you working on luxuries sooner. However, the buildup and early game power is not as strong, so only go this build if you get lucky and make 2k in your lane without going to base/buying off of a courier.

Whichever path you decide, you should build in the general order of Initiation-> Mana Battery -> Marcher -> Either Bottle+Steamboots or Nome’s or Ring of Sorcery -> Portal Key -> luxuries.


Let me start off by saying when I say luxuries I mean it. If you’re EVER farming as Pebbles, you’re doing it wrong. Sure, you last hit while laning, and you can pick up a creep wave with your combo whenever you have mana, but if you spend time farming as Pebbles you picked the wrong hero.

You can focus on either DPS or Tank/Support.

Let’s face it: Pebbles is a big guy. And he earns a lot of hate for it. He ate a bunch (got fed by squisheys) and has now gotten really, really, big. But that’s okay, because he has two skills that synergize somewhat well with his newly found big-guy-tank-role.

At the same time, I honestly believe trying to turn Pebbles into a physical DPSer is a lost cause. Just pick Dark Lady if you want to be doing +120 damage most of the time. However, if you get a lot of farm and I MEAN A LOT OF FARM, you can become a semi-respectable source of dps, even while providing your own disables!

Tablet of Command – 2200 – I like this item on Pebbles for it’s utility and the ability to blink in, combo, and Tablet to safety. You probably won’t care for the item, however, so just shrug it off and move on to the next item.

Kuldra’s Sheepstick – 5675 – A very nice item on Pebbles. And really anyone. But more so on Pebbles, seeing as how the problem with Kuldra is usually, “I could use it, but I just can’t farm enough”. Pebbles problem is, “I can farm like a beast, but items are almost always wasted on me!”

Daemonic Breastplate – 5550 – If I had to recommend an item to work towards, it would be this or Sheepstick. As usual, it solves your armor issues. It also supports your team while giving a nifty attack speed boost to offset your ult.

Barbed Armor – 2200 – You’re big, and you probably killed them a whole lot early. They hate you, and they’re looking to make you pay in blood!

Frostfield Plate – 4700 – Also an effective item on Pebbles. Armor is always useful, and the aura/slow active do wonders to help your team out late.

Behemoth’s Heart – 5500 – Who’s gonna argue with almost 1k hp and regen? Not Pebbles!

Harkon’s – 4875 – A nifty luxury item, it provides a good amount of int and mana regen, some damage, and a small attack speed boost. The real fun, however, is it’s effect making Pebbles hit for 300 pure and combo for over 1k against targets without additional magic armor.



You would think Pebbles is a horrible laner. And to a degree you are correct. However, if you combine Pebbles with another stunner he can actually hold his own. Especially if this hero is ranged.

Pebbles can solo mid, and due to his amazing ganking ability it can be quite effective, but only if the enemies’ solo mid is very, very, bad. Thus, if you get good with Pebbles, go ahead and solo mid in a pub. But if you’re playing even a 1650+ psr game, you’re going to lose the lane in most situations.

In most lanes involving a ranged enemy, you’ll be harassed to nothing. You’re a melee who starts with 0 armor. However, starting at level 2 you are one of the most dangerous heroes in the game for the next 20 minutes. Thus, Pebble’s laning success is based on intimidation.

Yes, you have to rely on mind games to come out even with your average hero. However, if your enemies are inexperienced, overconfident, slow to react, or a number of other things, you can dominate a lane as Pebbles. For you see, Pebbles needs just 240 mana and melee range with just about any enemy to kill them. That’s the heroes thing. It’s his gimmick. So every time you start running forward, your enemies can either disable you, run, or die. Don’t harass with your spells, you don’t have the mana to support it. You combo the enemy, and you either kill/send them back to fountain, or they get to harass you without fear since you are now out of mana.

Your goal in your lane is to obtain 2200 (2800) gold in the first 10 minutes. Yes, that can be hard to do. That’s why it’s a goal. With this money you will buy Marchers and either Ring of Sorcery or Nome’s Wisdom, based on your preference. Once you have boots, mana regen, and 3-4 levels in each of your nukes, you go ganking, and you do nothing but gank for the rest of the game.


  • Don’t solo unless you’re confident and your enemies are likely to be bad
  • Lane with a fellow disabler/stunner for easy kills and intimidation
  • Don’t harass or get harassed, as you will lose a war of attrition.
  • Farm, kill, and get your items as quickly as possible. (Durr hurr good advice guide-writer-guy)
Skill use and synergies


This skill is quite unique. It is, in effect, 4 AoE stuns one after the other. If you’ve used the skill recently, you may recall that it makes the rock crush noise 4 times. This is because it actually does 25/45/65/75 damage while stunning for 1 second with each crush. This means someone walking into the AoE halfway through will get hit with 2 of them.

This skill has a fairly short delay between when you cast and when the AoE gets hit based on range, and an almost instantaneous cast time.


Has a shorter cooldown than Stalagmites, so can be used independently if there’s a need.

Uses closest unit to Pebbles, so aiming can be tricky.

Deals damage to towers, but only 33%. So 25/50/75/100

Enlarge gives this ability extra bonus damage when Chucking an enemy unit.
Level 0: 15/30/45/60 (based on level of Chuck)
Level 1: 26/53/79/105
Level 2: 38/75/113/150
Level 3: 49/98/146/195

Will deal 60 damage to allied Chucked units at all levels.

Hero killing with Stalagmites and Chuck

If you were to hit a hero perfectly with Stalagmites and Chuck, at level 16, you would deal:

(Stalagmites x2 = 600 magic damage) + (Chuck does 300+195=495)

1095 magic damage. It’s quite a significant amount, and they also both disable enemies while dealing most of this damage in an AoE. He may be a one-hit wonder, but it’s a very powerful hit, that it is.

Keep in mind while reading all of these that your auto-attack should be used whenever possible during these skills usage. Both Chuck and Stalagmites have disables attached, and your hero hits hella hard, so any extra punches while an enemy is stunned is that much more burst you’re throwing down.

Not quite hero killing, but it is worth noting that using Stalagmites and Chuck together will be enough to kill an entire creep wave during the early portion of the game. If you have free mana, this is a nifty way to get a quick 250 gold while pushing a lane.

In order of increasing complexity…


Using this skill on it’s own is very simple. It’s a short-delay AoE nukes, so try to get as many heroes in it as possible and follow up with other spells/auto attacks.

If an enemy is moving, you will have to aim in front of them to hit them.

Chuck on enemy

Set up so that the enemy is the closest unit to Pebbles, and Chuck the enemy on itself. This will deal full damage and disable him for a second so that you can hit him once or twice.

Chuck to an area

You can use Chuck not only as a nuke but as a displacement. Some common tactics would be tossing a friendly Legionnaire into a group of enemies as a sort of poor-man’s Portal Key. You can toss an enemy chasing you back into other enemies to gain some space. You can toss an enemy into a group of allies for fun.

Oh, and never toss an enemy Behemoth into a group of allies. You would not believe all the hate I had to read through after I stopped laughing.

Stalagmites to Chuck

This will be your most common attack combo in the early game. Since most enemies will run when you come near them, you will need to utilize things such as Fog of War and allied stuns to get a perfect combo on enemies. However, until then you will have to use Stalagmites on an enemy so that will be stunned, using the 2 second stun time to run into range and chuck the enemy. This combo gives you the greatest amount of disable time, but Stalagmites will not hit twice.

Arachna gets too close to Pebbs, and gets Stalagmited.

Using the stun time, I close with Arachna and Chuck her into the air.

Stalagmites + Chuck on enemy

Pebbles signature combo. You will need to be in 275 range for this combo to work, and you will need 240 mana. Any damage from any of the four bursts from Stalagmites will deal double damage to an enemy currently being Chucked. Thus, using both on an enemy deals insane amounts of damage.

I used the fog from elevation to get into melee range, comboing both spells onto this unfortunate Arachna.

Many people ask whether it is more effective to Stalagmites or Chuck first. If you’re quick enough, you can deal good damage to an enemy either way. Remember, it deals it’s damage 4x over the course of 1 second after the short delay. So you can get double damage during any of those. Or all. Or none.

Doing Stalagmites to Chuck gives a slightly (I’m talking like .3 seconds) larger window than Chuck to Stalagmites. It’s also easier to pull off, as it can be easier to screw up Chuck on a moving target than Stalagmites.

Stalagmites on enemy + Chuck to area

A very effective combo, especially when near allied towers and heroes. You can use Stalagmites to hold an enemy down, then run into melee range to the enemy hero and Chuck that hero to an allied tower, for example. They will be damage by both of your skills and now very close to an allied tower. Very deadly.

Here’s a graphical representation of the aforementioned hypothesized scenario.

A wild Pebbles appeared!

Pebbles used Stalagmites!

Pebbles used Chuck!

It’s super effective!

Chuck on area + Stalagmites to enemy

Like the previous combo, but better. If you can get an ally to stun, or use fog, or blink, or just have a stupid enemy, you can run into melee range, Chuck the enemy to the allied hero/tower, and then Stalagmites them in that area. This has the added bonus of both holding them down near the allied damage dealer, and getting the Stalagmites/Chuck double damage bonus.

Here we have Arachna Chucked into the tower’s range, while being Stalagmited by Pebbles. Meanwhile, Pebbs strikes a pose.

Waiting on Cooldowns

Pebbles has, as I’ve said before, a one-hit-wonder combo. After these spells have been used, each goes on cooldown. About 90% of my Pebbles’ games are spent running like a girl while these abilities recharge.

It is your choice whether to stand and fight or run and hide. If you’ve combo’d an enemy and they’re 1-2 hits away, you will probably want to chase. Unless their allies have just gone mia from their lanes, and they might be counter-ganking you. In which case you’ll want to GTFO.

Basically, if you have the advantage, press it. You hit hard, if a bit slow, and 10 seconds isn’t that long. However, if the enemy team outnumbers you, you can do much more for you team by bailing on them until your spells are usable again. Use your own judgment, but I prefer to take the, “OMG don’t hurt meeee”, approach most of the time. It pays off in the end.

Here’s the perfect example of what I mean. This series of events actually happened in a game a day or two ago, and I redid them in practice mode as closely as I could get to the real thing. So while these pictures are all from practice mode, this is what actually happened in the game (except for the last picture, but we’ll get to that).

Hellbringer shows up to steal my farm.

I stupidly use both my moves on him without getting into melee range.

Hellbringer uses all of the moves he has available. He’s healed himself significantly, while I have no cooldowns.

He has his Balrog go straight in and tank the tower while he loops around. I eat a tree and wait on cooldowns.

I make a dash to the west, he chases with his Balrog, and I use Chuck, which has a 10 second cooldown, to get his beast off my back while damaging him.

Had things continued as they were going, Hellbringer would have looped around, only to discover that Stalagmites was finally off of it’s ridiculous 20 second cooldown.

We thank Padawanabee for making this guide. We are sure that you guys will get alot of help by reading this guide. So don’t forget to comeback here and check the latest updates.


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