HoN Berzerker Guide – HoN Berzerker Items, Build, Strategy Guide


HoN Berzerker Guide – HoN Berzerker Items, Build, Strategy Guide. [S2] Games will continue their habit of creating more heroes for Heroes Of Newerth. Berzerker is the strength based Hero which is going to be introduced in the Legion. So fans should wait for the official patch to have the experience of this amazing creation.

Berzerker Spell Guide :

1st Spell Chain Spike :

Chain Spike

2nd Spell Strength Sap :

Strength Sap

3rd Spell Mark for Death :

Mark for Death

4th Spell Carnage :


Hopefully Berzerker will be available within the week or two. HoN usually provide their patches every week on Friday. So folks don’t go anywhere and keep visiting here to check the latest updates of your favorite game.


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