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Flint Beastwood

Flint Beastwood HoN Guide | HoN Flint Beastwood Items, Gameplay, Strategy, Build Guide. Flint Beastwood is Hellbourne agility hero introduced in HoN 1.0.9 patch inspired from one of the DotA’s popular hero, Kardel Sharpeye, The Dwarven Sniper. Flint Beastwood is a carry hero with some good DPS assassination skills and a great pushing ability. Let’s check out Flint Beastwood Guide of HoN.

Flint Beastwood GuideHero Description:

The story of this hero is not available at the moment.

Hero Stats:

Attack Type: Ranged
Attack Damage: 36-42
Attack Range: 570
Attack Rate: 0.59

Strength: 16
Agility: 21
Intelligence: 15

Movement Speed (movespeed): 290
Strength Per Level: 1.7
Agility Per Level: 2.9
Intelligence Per Level: 2.6

Armor: 2
Magic Armor: 5.5
Damage Reduction: 11%
Magic Damage Reduction: 25%

Flint Beastwood Spells & Skills:

Flint Beastwood - Explosive Flares1. Explosive Flare (Hotkey: Q)

Mr Beastwood loads a flare into one of his weapons, firing the flaming mass towards his enemies. When it lands it obviously explodes; burning and slowing anyone in the area. He loves the smell of burning in the morning.

Fires a flare at the target location. Deals 75/150/225/300 Magic damage to units and 25/50/75/100 Magic damage to towers on impact, leaving a burning flare for 4 seconds.

Target Position
Type: Magic
Range: 800
Radius: 300
Mana cost: 120
Cooldown: 14 seconds

The burning flare gives vision and applies Flared to all enemies in the radius.

Flared Effects
14/20/26/32% Movement Slow

Hollowpoint Shells - Flint Beastwood2. Hollowpoint Shells (Passive)

Mr Beastwood is a fan of chaos, mixing up his Hollowpoint Shells with his normal ones. This gives his attacks a chance to deal bonus damage and stun for a very short time. He laughs at you every time it happens.

On Attack Impact
25/30/35/40% chance that a bullet will explode, dealing 20/30/40/50 bonus Physical damage and stunning for .05/.1/.2/.2 seconds.

Flint Beastwood - Dead Eye3. Dead Eye (Passive)

Mr.Beastwood sees you. He sees you when you’re hiding, he knows when you’re afraid. He knows you may be far away, but that won’t save your life today…
Increases attack range by 60/120/180/240.
Levels 3 and 4 allow Flint to outrange towers.
Flint Beastwood - Money Shot4. Money Shot (Hotkey: R)

Mr Beastwood isn’t called the best shot in Western Newerth for no reason. He can take a second or two and line up one powerful shot on an enemy some distance away, dealing huge damage when it hits. And it always hits.

After a 1.7s cast time, fires a shot at the target. Deals 355/505/655 Magic damage and stuns for .2 seconds.

Target Unit
Enemy Organic Units
Type: Superior Magic
Range: 1500/2000/2500
Channeling Time: 1.7 seconds
Mana Cost: 175/275/375
Cooldown: 20/15/10 seconds

Flint Beaswood Skill Build:

Coming soon..

Flint Beastwood Item Build:

Here is the list of recommended items for Mr. Beastwood, Full item build with Strategy is coming soon.

Item Build Flint Beastwood Hon

Flint Beastwood Strategy Guide:

There is no Flint Beastwood Strategy guide is submitted yet. Why don’t you submit a guide via comments?


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  • ZOMG FIRST^^ this will be my new most used, sniper in dota, Beastwood in hon<3 LOOK AT HIM!

  • a great another no skill hero
    good job s2 make ur own goddamn heroes u lazy fucks
    and why is an orc wielding shotguns?
    why can he snipe with short range weapons?
    guarantee hes gonna be the most overplayed hero i bet he will beat witchslayer and scout

    dumbass s2

  • Ive been playing a few games with him, looks like a few items really shine.

    1. start by getting some stat items, dont worry about mana stuff.
    2. rush frostburn (you will be breaking it up again later)
    3. if against powerful melee carries make geometers bane.
    4. use the icebrand to make a frostwolf skull to slow and keep enemies in range.
    5. riftshards are pure pwnage.
    6. SAVAGE MACE <— excellent, just excellent!

    luxury items: ATTACK SPEED + ARMOR (for survivability)

    charged hammer (extra damage, sick attack speed buff)
    demonic breastplate (armour, attack speed AND armour debuff for a 900 radius, your max auto attack range is 810 so its pretty sick).

    not really got a build to recommend, i try to take the passive abilities early on for harrass, take 1 point in flare for detering enemies from ganking you. dont spam your ultimate too often while laning, its pretty mana hungry and your passive abilities seem to make up for the fact your hanging around the tower a lot. gank at level 8 with decent range and the ministun, try to get behind your oponent and use the ultimate early to maxemise the time you can beat on them.

  • @ballsack
    “Another no skill hero”
    Ok, all heroes require skill, thats why you dont see noobs getting bloodbaths in every match.
    “good job s2 make ur own goddamn heroes u lazy fucks”
    They make the same heroes in HoN from DotA because of popular demand (and thats a smart move considering that players are more likely to continue playing HoN when their favourite players are in the game), and they are definitely not lazy, they have created alot of heroes that are not from DotA, and they dont just Copy and paste this shit, they make up all the models and animations and sounds for EVERY hero that is in HoN. AND! Its not just because of popular demand, its also because of Icefrog, they worked with S2Games for quite some time, and im sure that they would of suggested heroes that would be great in competitive play.
    “and why is an orc wielding shotguns?”
    Becuase he can. lol
    And it looks kewl ^^
    “why can he snipe with short range weapons?”
    Why can infernos and giant monsters be summoned from the sky?
    Why can a fukin Turtle talk?
    one word for ya…MAGIC!
    And finaly, next time you want to ask questions about S2Games’s descions on hero making, dont be so aggresive unless your words that you have chosen are perfectly justified. And never insult the people that created the fukin game for you. Thx


    Satanic/MoM(Elder Parasyte/Symbol of rage) depending on lenght
    Lothar if they Gank Alot/Bfly

    So…what kardel does exactly…

    He’s able to do alot of damage in a very short time,killing 1 target before the others can act,then he has his ultimate,which will kill a fleeing-low hp target

    You should also pick targets like Leshrac/Pugna/Lion/Zeus since they tend to do LOTS of damage,but it’s no problem,because you have your Passive stun and your MKB

  • @josh <== total pwnage dude ! @_@ and why is the first 2 guys are named " ballsack " and " Nipples " ??? is the third goin to be " Dick " or " Groin " ?? like c'mon ! @.@ what's with the names

  • Josh, two words for you my beloved friend.


  • Jeez guys, please do comment after using him?
    take passive skill first?? god you guys are pretty lame right??
    max out flare and dead eye for perfect killing oppurtunities..
    solo mid and do not get bottle for flint.. normal stuff will do in the early game
    no matter who the fucking hell hero is going to be flint opponet at mid, it will not be a fucking problem for him anyways.. good range and crazy 1st skill damage, he out BOOM every other hero in the early game..
    max out 1st skill and you will be able to get bloodbath(first blood) within level three unless your teammates is too stupid to be pawn by others or better pro teammates that pawn others 1st. Build Assasin Shroud to evade from ganking (Make sure your teammates know how to harras them from getting eye) and then get attack speed for him.. PERFECTO! Do not get stupid item like ice thingy.. mini stun is MORE THEN ENOUGH!!! practise please!

  • “why can he snipe with short range weapons?”
    There is actually older models of “shotguns” that they drilled and made normal rounds for so thats not so strange^^
    or he could just use slugs…

    anyway, awesome hero tbh. <3 the range

  • @ballsack first, orcs weild whatever they wanna weild.
    shotguns are shorter range than others, but they have range on their side (maybe not the best). dumbass.

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