Dota Heroes Name In HoN | HoN and Dota Heroes Silmilarities


HoN and Dota Heroes Silmilarities | Heroes Of Newerth & Dota Heroes Comparison| Dota Heroes Name In Heroes Of Newerth. Hey guys Hon-Utilites has came along with another post which will help you to find your favorite Hero in Heroes Of Newerth if you are an Dota player. As we all know that Defence Of The Ancients has a great influence on Heroes Of Newerth and majority of heroes are kind of similar to Dota Allstars heroes. Many of the fans are getting problem of finding their favorite heroes in HoN. But the chart below will help you with it and you can easily chose your favorite hero. Although Heroes Of Newerth don’t have much Hero models then Dota but they are working on it and they will increase the Hero pool.


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