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Dampeer is the upcoming unique concept hero rising in newerth on Wednesday, 22nd December 2010. Dampeer will be first Vampire style hero in HoN which Twilight fans will really like it. Below you can see the animated gifs preview of Dampeer Skills along with hero storyline.
Dampeer Introduction:

In the darkest days of the war, when starvation stalked the land, it is said that some men turned to eating the flesh of the dead — and then, the flesh of the living. Perhaps that is the origin of Dampeer, a monster who feeds on the lifeforce of his foes, spreading terror before his tattered wings, his pants the only remnants of his humanity.

Dampeer Abilities Guide:

1. Terrorize: Dampeer instills terror within nearby foes, damaging them and causing them to run around like headless chickens.

Dampeer - Terrorize

2. Vampiric Flight: Dampeer takes flight toward his target enemy, damaging and stealing life from foes he passes through.

Vapmiric Flight Dampeer HoN

3. Bloodthirst: Dampeer and nearby allies gain lifesteal on attacks.

Bloodthrist Dampeer HoN

4. Consume: Dampeer takes a massive bite of an enemy’s flesh, inflicting damage and healing himself for the damage dealt.

Consume Dampeer HoN

The hero itself looks cool and vampire’ish, can’t wait to try it. Anyway, thanks for visiting HoN-Utilities. Dampeer guide will be available here as soon  new HoN 2.0.4 patch releases. Keep your fingers crossed.


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