Basic Laning Guide | Heroes of Newerth Guide How to play in Lane


Basic Laning Guide | Heroes of Newerth Guide How to play in Lane. After hearing these words most of the players are confused that what is Heroes Of Newerth Basic Laning Guide.  So the answer of your simple question is that the Laning refers to the beginning stage of the game in which heroes enter the 3 lanes and gain gold and XP through killing creeps and sometimes each other. This is a crucial  time, because it will determine the further stage of the game either you win or lose. The image of lanes are in mini if you can’t understand what is it.

Heroes Of Newerth Lanes Guide

The First and the Basic Step is Creep Last hitting :-
Last-hitting is the most basic maneuver of laning. It’s how you will be making the majority of your income as well as the most effective way to keep your opponent behind in gold and XP.

To perform a last-hit, time your attack such that you kill the creep in one blow. Attempting to do it in multiple hits leaves the creep open to being killed by another player.

To effectively last-hit, you must understand your hero’s damage, factoring in any random damage spread, applied status effects, and projectile or swing speed. You must also understand these components for the opposing heroes.

You can attack-cancel by clicking A on the creep, then quickly hitting S before the attack animation finishes. Repeat this quickly, and you have a timing advantage if your attack is already in mid-animation.

The step which is also as well important as last hitting is Creep Denying :-
Creep Denying will deprive opponents of XP. By doing this, you can create a difference in levels, giving you a huge early advantage.

To deny an allied creep, last-hit it.

If you are presented with both the opportunity to last-hit an enemy creep and to deny your own, deny your own if the opponent is a carry, and last-hit the enemy creep if he is not.

An effective way to deny is to first harass an enemy hero, forcing him to move back, then going for the deny.

After doing both Creep Last hitting and Denying you should work on Harassment of Opponent Heros :-

Harassing a hero, depending on your role, can be the primary or secondary role in laning. If you have an orb-walker, or nuker, it is your primary. If you are a late-game carry, allow your lanemate to harass.

To effectively harass, you should minimize damage to yourself. Spells and orb/arrow effects will not draw creep aggro. Use them to put pressure on your opponent.

You don’t have an infinitely supply of mana, however. If you right-click an enemy hero, you will inevitably draw creep aggro. Therefore, move into range first, then right-click to harass, then quickly pull back to avoid damage.

Keep an eye on your health. Regeneration items are great for harassment, because damage taken from creeps while you’re harassing can be healed. You should always try to maintain high health when harassing, because harassing places you at a positional disadvantage.

Keep one thing in your mid that Stay Alive :-
If you find yourself in a difficult lane, your utmost priority is to stay alive.

Stay outside of attack and spell range, but stay within XP range. If you see that your XP meter isn’t increasing with each creep death, try to move closer. If they continue to play aggressively, tower hug until the creeps come close.

If you have a lot of idle mana, or are desperate for XP and gold, you can use nukes to last-hit.
Ask for a gank or a lane change. If you are in a dual-lane, and both heroes are getting suppressed, then you can also go ganking yourself. You will help the team out, and your lanemate will reap the benefits of single-hero XP gain.

If you are facing problems of doing the above mentioned things try out Neutral Creep Pulling :-
The Legion bottom lane and Hellbourne top lane can creep-pull. Pulling neutral creeps will allow for easy neutral-farming, and will often deny your own creeps outside of enemy XP range.

To perform a creep pull, walk close to or attack the outermost creep camp to draw aggro. Time it so that when your run, you will run straight into your own advancing creep wave. Allow the creeps to attack you right as your creep wave walks by, and it will draw their aggro.

To counter creep pulling, buy and place wards at the enemy creep camps, or alternatively use your own hero or an illusion to block their spawn by sitting there at the 60 second marks.

Neutral creeps spawn every 60 seconds. If you draw the neutrals out at the right time, you can cause a double spawn. Double spawns provide more gold and XP, and will almost certainly wipe out an entire wave. If the creeps are particularly strong, you can wipe out two or three entire creep waves, causing the enemy heroes to be severely deprived of XP.

The most important part of a Carry Hero is Continuous  Farming :-
Static farming is a defensive method of gaining XP and gold. It relies on the player having strong last-hitting in order to maintain a static position between the two clashing creep waves. Preferably, this position is close to an allied tower, providing for easy escape and defense. On the other hand, if you do not static farm, the wave will inevitably push out, making you vulnerable to ganks.

To static-farm, only attack enemy creeps you can last-hit. However, if there are no enemy heroes near, you should attack allied creeps the second they are vulnerable to denial until they are dead. Do not worry about getting the deny here.

If enemy heroes approach you, send out a ping to your allies, then dodge into the trees or towers. If possible, teleport out.

You can avoid the lane being pushed out by never allowing the creepwaves to reach a tower. If you find that the enemy creeps are approaching tower range, tank them by dancing in circles until your own creeps arrive. While you will take some damage, this prevents the creeps from being wiped out by a tower, and the lane being pushed.

We hope you like Heroes Of Newerth Basic Laning Guide and we also think that you will improve your laning by reading this. Comeback here and check the latest updates.


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