Amun Ra HoN Guide | Heroes Of Newerth Amun Ra Items, Strategy and Gameplay Guide


Amun Ra HoN Guide | Heroes Of Newerth Amun Ra Items, Strategy and Gameplay Guide. Amun Ra is the new strength hero of  Hellborune team added in HoN 2.0.33 update, the inclusion of Amun-Ra is is vastly appreciated by HoN fans community from all around the world. Amun Ra will is having some abilities which are similar to Skeleton King in DotA. Check out Amun-Ra item build, skill details & strategy guide.

Amun Ra HoN GuideAmun-Ra Background Story:

The corrupted disciples of Sol harnessed the errant energies of the sun, and from that culmination of twisted nether emerged the ancient daemon god Amun-Ra, abomination of all that is light and holy. Fused together by black fire and fury, this immortal construct threatens to raze the lands with every burning step, defiling everything he touches with heretical fervor.

Amun Ra Spotlight Video by HoN:

Amun Ra Hero Stats:

– Attack Type: Melee
– Attack Damage: 55-61
– Attack Range: 128
– Attack Per Second: 0.694

– Movement Speed: 290
– Strength: 22
– Agility: 18
– Intelligence: 10

– Strength per level: 2
– Agility per level: 2
– Intelligence per level: 1

– Armor: 1.12
– Magic Armor: 5.5
– Magic Damage Reduction: 24.8%
– Physical Damage Reduction: 6.3%

Amun-Ra Spells/Abilities Guide:

Path of Destruction Amun-Ra1. Path of Destruction (Hotkey: Q)

Costs 20% Max Health to cast.

Create a path of flames in front of you culminating in a meteor. While on the path, you may walk through anything. Enemies struck by the meteor are damaged and stunned while you gain movement speed.

Type: Magic
Range: 600
Radius: 300
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9 seconds

The meteor inflicts a 1 second stun and 110/180/250/320 Magic Damage on enemies. Amun-Ra is healed for 5% Max Health per enemy hero impacted.

If Amun-Ra is struck by the meteor, he gains 20/40/60/80 Movement Speed for 6 seconds and 5% Max Health.

Ignite Amun-Ra


2. Ignite (Hotkey: W)

Costs 12% Max Health on impact.

Amun-Ra lights himself on fire, exploding after 1.5 seconds, damaging and slowing nearby enemies.

Radius: 375
Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds
1.5 seconds after use, enemies hit by the explosion receive 80/120/160/200 + 6% of Amun-Ra’s Max Health in Magic Damage and -12/18/24/32% tapering Movement Speed for 3 seconds.

Amun-Ra Ashes to Ashes


3.  Ashes to Ashes – Passive (Hotkey: E)

2/4/6/8 passive Health regeneration.

Ra passively gains bonuses based on how much damage he’s taken recently, up to:
*20/30/40/50 Attack Speed
*20/30/40/50 Damage per second in a 350 AoE

One charge per 10 pre-mitigation damage.

Amun-Ra Pyroclasmic Rebirth


4. Pyroclasmic Rebirth – Ultimate (Hotkey: R)

Requires 50% Max Mana for activation.

On death, Amun-Ra will be reborn with 50% Health, triggering Ignite as he spawns. He deals 10/20/30% Extra Damage for 10 seconds after respawning.

Amun-Ra Skill Build Guide:

1. Flaming God Fist
2. Mocktube
3. Mocktube
4. Ignite
5. Mocktube
6. Ulti
7. Mocktube
8. Ignite
9. Ignite
10. Ignite
11. Ulti (if not on cooldown)
12. Flaming God Fist
13. Flaming God Fist
14. Flaming God Fist
15. Stats
16. Ultimate and so on..

Amun-Ra Item Build:

There is no item build for Anum-Ra available at the moment.

Amun-Ra Strategy & Gameplay Guide:

Under construction, why don’t you submit your own via comments?


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